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Jody Miller earned both the bachelor and master of music education degrees from the University of Southern Mississippi. He studied horn with Dennis Behm and Brian Stiffler, flute with Sharon Lebsack and Meri Ford Malloy, and clarinet with Wilbur Moreland. He has studied recorder with Eva Legene, Aldo Abreu, Steve Rosenberg, Tricia van Oers, and Frances Blaker.  He has also taken masterclasses with Hugo Reyne and Marion Verbruggen.

Miller has a large studio of private recorder students in the Atlanta area, teaches applied recorder at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, and has taught early music and recorder workshops around the Southeast. His "Gnome Assembly Music" for recorder quintet was published by Loux Music Publishing. He has served as president of the Atlanta Early Music Alliance and as president and music director of the Atlanta Recorder Society. Miller reviews contemporary and educational compositions for the American Recorder and currently serves as education editor for the same publication.  In addition to his position as assistant band director at McCleskey Middle School in Marietta, Georgia, Miller was the founding director of the school's recorder ensemble. This ensemble performed three times at the Boston Early Music and Exhibition and received outstanding reviews for their performances of music written specifically for recorder ensemble.

Under Miller’s directorship, the Emory Early Music Ensemble has begun acquiring a large collection of early instruments—all replicas of instruments that would have been used in music performed before 1750.  The ensemble has grown vastly to include over fifty members in a vocal ensemble, a baroque orchestra, and a renaissance band.  In addition to directing the ensemble during the academic year, Miller directs a summer recorder orchestra and beginning recorder classes.

Miller performs regularly with Ritornello Baroque Ensemble and the Emory Baroque Artists in addition to giving regular solo performances. He works closely with composer Timothy Broege and has given several premier performances of Broege's compositions, including a June 2001 performance of Broege's Two-Part Elegy for LaNoue Davenport at the Boston Early Music Festival. Broege’s lastest composition for recorder, Sonata da chiesa for recorder and organ, was dedicated to Miller and received its premier in Atlanta at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church.  Miller is specifically interested in contemporary chamber music for recorder and collaborates regularly with other musicians in the Atlanta area.


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